Below are some links both local and international that we enjoy. If you find a website that is particularly useful for reviews, reports, techniques etc then e-mail us and let us know.

LMF Club
If you are interested in joining Lake Macquarie Flyers Club please contact the Secretary: Paul Cox on 042 1072897 or go to the club webaite


Click here to view the 2006 Niviuk promotional film.

Click here to view the film from the 2005 trip to Andalucia.

Click here to view the Niviuk team in Bassano in 2006.

Click here to view speedflying with the new Niviuk Skate in Interlaken.

BOM Pages

Other Weather Sites


Seabreeze NSW

NSW Weather Forecast

Ozwind Obsevations

NSW Observations Table

 NZ MetVue Site


VIC Weather Forecasts

Manilla Weather

VIC Weather Observations

XC Skies

Synoptic Forcast

NSW Blipmap

Weather Channel


BOM wind forecast Syd reg

 Understanding TSkew


Stanwell Weather Station

Weather To Fly  - More links


Self Taught Meteo


Australian  Sites

International Sites

National Ladder Results

New Zealand HGFA

HG Federation Australia

British HPA


NSWHPA - NSW Hang and Para Assn

Paragliding in South Africa

Sydney Sand FLys

Fédération Française de Vol Libre

Blue Mountians Club

US Hang Gliding Association

Hunter Skysailors

South African HGPA

Sky High Club - Melbourne

Hong Kong PA

Central Coast Sky Surfers Club

Marshall Peak Webcam

Alternative Schools

HV - test reports

Poliglide - Byron Bay

Para 2000

Sydney Paragliding - Stanwell Park

PWC Official Site



Active Flight Paragliding Centre - Bright


Alpine Paragliding - Bright

Ojovolador - SATCompatibility


Jerome Daoust - Expanding Knowledge


Big Air Paragliding


Paragliding Forum


Grav Sports
  Just Acro
On-line Log Book  

Nomad Flight Log




Australia and NZ

CIVIL Int Pilot Rankings


British Comp Website


Ozone Chabre Open 


FAI Paragliding Calendar


E-Zines and Magazine Websites

Cross Country magazine Oz Reports
BCHPA Cloudstreet

Sky Wings Magazine

Glider Magazine Parapente Magazine


Flying Technique

Theory & Aerodynamics

Thermalling By Will Gadd:
     Part 1  - Collectors, Wicks and triggers
     Part 2  - Thermals and clouds
     Part 3  - Thermalling Technique

Thermal Law by Denis Pagen 
    Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3

Wing Overs - Gabriel Jebb

Understanding "speed to fly"  - Jim Burch

Paragliding Tips - Claude Fiset

A physical description of flight 

Flying Tips - Rob Whittal

Wing Loading  - Adrian Thomas

How to thermal better  -  Jay Rebbeck

Glen Resarch Centre of Aerodynamics

Getting up to speed - Jay Rebbeck

The Hunt  -  Bob Dury (XC Mag)

Thermalling  -  Greg Hammerton

Cloud Watching -  Glider Magazine


Surfer or a Chess Player - XC Mag


See How It Flies




Risk Management


Cooling Superstitions   -  Peter Grey


Response to Peter Grey  -  Denis Pagen